Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary – a Brisbane Icon

I think just about every kid who grew up in Brisbane has “that” koala photo.


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Murder Village … the funniest place to die

In the spirit of Midsomer Murders, Agatha Christie, and Murder She Wrote, Murder Village is the perfect  … and possibly the funniest … place to die.

It’s murder with a twist.

At the beginning of the night not even the cast knows who will be the victim or the murderer. What murder weapon will be used? What vital clue will lead DI Owen Gullet, with interference from the village busy-body Miss Purser, to solve the crime?


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Scaling new heights

I grew up in Brisbane. From the moment I heard there was a Story Bridge climb, I wanted to do it. Even more than I wanted to do  the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. I had the opportunity to do that one last year, but my visits home have been short and full of planned events. So an extended visit awaiting the birth of our first grandchild (still waiting!) gave me a great opportunity. Actually, we thought that afternoon was prime time for the impending birth as both grandmothers and an uncle would be out of contact on the bridge. But alas.

These bridge climbs are ultra safe and well organised and give you a great opportunity to get a different view of the cities.

I would have done this on my own but put the word out to friends and family to see if I could get a group together and take advantage of a good discount. Eleven other people put their hands up, including a few who were terrified of heights. And we all had a great time.

It’s not as iconic as Sydney but was just as good as far as I was concerned. As an added bonus, it wasn’t raining.

When I get the chance again, I’m planning to do the abseil from the bridge. Then, when someone tells me to “take a flying leap off a bridge” I’ll be able to tell them that I’ve already done that.

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