Free accommodation. Yes really! Try these hosting sites.

Want to meet great people? Or even get free accommodation when you travel? Try subscribing to any or all of these. We have met some great people.

Warm Showers is a site for travelling cyclists, but you don’t need to be a cyclist to belong. Cyclists are travelling with limited money and space and always appreciate a shower, a real bed and a feed. They will reward you with great tales of their travels.

Couchsurfing is the only one we’ve used ourselves, but have had lots of visitors and made some great friends.

Hospitality Club was our first hosting site and we didn’t know what to expect. We haven’t been disappointed yet.

Be Welcome evolved from Hospitality Club. Since the evolution we haven’t had any guests through this site but I’m sure there’s one on their way.

Trustroots Hospitality exchange for hitchhikers and other travellers


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