Ready, Steady, 60 … Part 2

Heron Island – where there are no herons, and which isn’t an island.

You know that time you saw a photo of a tropical island and thought, “The water can’t really be that colour”? Well, yes it can. And it is.

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Ready, Steady, 60 … part 1

Darumbal Country

I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which I live, work and play, and recognise their continuing connection to land, water and community. I pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

In just under 3 weeks time we were supposed to be heading to South America to jointly celebrate our 60th birthdays which both passed relatively unnoticed earlier this year.

top view of ancient ruins under white cloudy sky

Photo by Amanda Kerr on

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You know where to find me … but don’t

Several years ago, I connected, through another blog, with a Facebook group called “as seen this day” – yes, with lower case. The main “rule” is to post a photo or series of photos from your day. Nothing fancy required, though some people do post some very fancy things.

I don’t often post, but when I do I try to stay true to the original purpose.

Here is my photo from today.

Hot chocolate and a new murder mystery on a cold and rainy weekend. Don’t come looking for me. I’m happy here in my cave.

May be an image of coffee cup and book

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Badtjala Country

While on our holiday at Rainbow Beach last year, I saw a sign for helicopter joy flights. This sounded like a great way to see some of the Fraser Coast and views to K’gari (Fraser Island) – the world’s largest sand island. And so it proved.IMG_20201010_144525 Continue reading

Shake, Rattle and Rolling Stock

The Mary Valley Rattler is a heritage steam train experience that has long been on my wish list of things to do in south-east Queensland.

On our week away at Rainbow Beach, our daughter had one day of Uni which she was able to do online in our holiday house. This turned out to be a Wednesday, which worked in perfectly for the rest of us to head to historic Gympie station for the 3 hour trip to Amamoor and return.

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Scattered Memories

I’ve been particularly slack and have posted very little in the last year, so time for some catch up.

Last October we were supposed to take our grandkids to Fiji. Well, we all know what happened to international travel, don’t we?

Instead, we spent a week at Rainbow Beach. While we were there we’d also arranged to scatter Dad’s ashes in the same spot where Mum’s had been scattered 6 years earlier.

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The Lighthouse of Tragedy

Oooh look, I’m still here. 
And what I have been doing? Well, amongst not may other things, a friend and I have started a Facebook group for Cemeteries and Memorials From Around the World. Here’s a sample of a post from the group.
Bustard Head Lighthouse is unofficially known as The Lighthouse of Tragedy, and has its own little cemetery.
There are 2 unmarked graves in the cemetery. Both are daughters of one of the lighthouse keepers but it isn’t known which is which.

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