US in the US … and in conclUSion

You can always tell when I wasn’t thrilled with a part of a trip because it takes me a long time to post (if I ever do).

To say I didn’t enjoy our half day Grand Canyon outing wouldn’t be quite true, but I was a little disappointed. I had been before and I didn’t feel that this one gave a sense of the size and, well, grandness of the canyon. But it was Stu’s first visit and he was suitably impressed. Continue reading


US in the US … incongruoUS art

Today was the final day of our road trip. Our last port of call before heading to Las Vegas was Rhyolite – a gold mining ghost town on the edge of Death Valley.

As we approached, we saw a small museum, which was sadly closed that day, and some really weird-looking art that is so out of place it becomes interesting. As interesting as … well … a penguin in the desert.

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US in the US … it’s sabuloUS

No, that’s not a typo in the title. And yes, I know no one’s ever heard of the word “sabulous”. When I started writing up this road trip it seemed like a good idea to use words in the titles that contained “us”. Sometimes I’m too clever for my own good.

03 (5) Continue reading

US in the US … we’re exhaUSted; let’s relax

We were a few days behind what masqueraded as our schedule and knew we weren’t going to get to some of the places that were on our very loose plan.

Road trips can be tiring if you never stop and take stock, so we thought 2 nights in an out-of-the way spot that we thought no one had ever heard of was the way to go, and pre-booked.

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US in the US … enormoUS skies for enormoUS trees

Kings Canyon is right next to Sequoia National Park and so is similar but also different. It has the same lovely, peaceful sequoias, but it also has the canyon and the landscapes that go with it.

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US in the US … on the road to gorgeoUSness

We spent the better part of a day driving to Visalia and doing some shopping.

We all had a drive. This was the first time I’d spent any real time behind the wheel on the “wrong” side of the road. It didn’t feel too bad and no one screamed. I wonder if that’s because they had their eyes closed.

Even Cassie the Cassowary did a stint.

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