Murder Village … the funniest place to die

In the spirit of Midsomer Murders, Agatha Christie, and Murder She Wrote, Murder Village is the perfect  … and possibly the funniest … place to die.

It’s murder with a twist.

At the beginning of the night not even the cast knows who will be the victim or the murderer. What murder weapon will be used? What vital clue will lead DI Owen Gullet, with interference from the village busy-body Miss Purser, to solve the crime?


And with the characters changing for each show you’ll be guaranteed a unique experience every time.

Masters of improvised comedy – Impromafia – ask the audience for their suggestions when they arrive and the performance flows from there.

It was definitely worth the trip to Brisbane to watch the hilarious attempts to defrost a frozen trout – which turned out to be the murder weapon – between the thighs of Anthony Thwacker. Verger Percival Slaughter’s hoard of cheese, stuffed in his priest hole, proved a crowd-pleaser too.

I could only get to one show but would have loved to have gone to them all. The first three quickly sold out and a fourth was added – a bonus for those who bought a season pass.

The unique venue added to the whole experience.


Anyone who, like me, grew up in Brisbane would be familiar with the Tower Mill on Wickham Terrace. But who knew that beneath it is the disused Spring Hill Reservoir?

And who knew that this heritage listed space would find new life as a performance venue?


Mainly used for opera in recent times, it also provided the ideal, intimate atmosphere for Murder Village.

Impromafia perform weekly in a Brisbane pub. Check their Facebook page for details.

Spring Hill Reservoir will be open to the public during Brisbane Open House on 8 & 9 October 2016.


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