A postcard from my travels … Hellfire Pass

A quick look back at my favourite travel moments.


05 Hellfire Pass


US in the US … Camp AugUSta

Summer camp isn’t what it used to be. At least it’s not what it used to be in my imagination.

In Australia we don’t seem to “do” summer camp like America does, though I did go to a few camps when I was at school.

On the first one (when I was 10) I remember being homesick and wearing every piece of clothing I had to bed so as not to freeze to death.

On the last one (when I was 17) I had 16 stitches in my head (long story) and had been told not to go swimming. So I went water skiing instead. And tore the backside out of my jeans sliding down a mountain.

But mostly, when I thought of American summer camp, it was of swimming, canoeing and hiking.

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