I can’t fight this feeling …

Heading to Brisbane for our cruise, we had decided to stop overnight, once again, at the little town of Gayndah. We could certainly drive all the way if we wanted to, but Gayndah makes for an easy first day and a short second day. Last time we were there we had a quick look at the little local museum and decided we’d like to spend a couple of hours there.

So we checked into our motel and then enjoyed some local history and some from the wider community. Small town museums can be so interesting, providing insights into the minutiae of life in a local area. While larger museums give the bigger picture, we love to discover the details of individual lives and contributions to our history.

20150302_142953 20150302_143757 20150302_144416 20150302_144507After enjoying the main museum buildings, and meeting the resident cat and lungfish, we crossed the road to the machinery restoration area. Recovery work after the 2013 floods is still in progress. This is more Stu’s thing than mine but even I enjoyed wandering among the works in progress. The highlight for me provided a bit of a laugh. Being of a certain age and with a certain taste in music, it had me singing …

20150302_151907 20150302_151942Warning: 80s hair. This clip is best listened to rather than watched.


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