Up the Bluff! (and other places)

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Too long? Or not long enough? Visions and Prisons on Norfolk Island.

I lost count of the people who asked me what we were going to do on Norfolk Island for a week. I was more concerned that a week wouldn’t be long enough for everything we wanted to see and do.

Care to guess who was right?

Day 1 started somewhat earlier than we expected when our daughter went in to labour and made it to hospital with 9 minutes to spare before our 2nd grandson was born. We didn’t have time to meet him before we had to check in so we toasted his arrival with an early morning drink at the airport.


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Girls’ trip: Memories and memorials

After the cruise we really only had one plan for our last 2 days, and that was to go to Pearl Harbor. For my non-American readers, you might notice that I’ve used the American spelling. It seems only right but I don’t intend to make a habit of it.


Gone Troppo: Coasting home

Much as I like the relaxed lifestyle at Cape Trib, I’m not sorry to be heading away from the humidity. We didn’t make it far down the road before we stopped for breakfast at CJ’s Cafe at Thornton Beach. A beautiful spot and the girl who served us was soooooo cheerful.

20160225_092112 (640x360)

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Gone Troppo!

What sort of lunatics go to the tropics in the middle of summer? The sort with a son who works there and who is about to move overseas to work.

That’s us.

It was a short break in February – just a week off work – but gave us the excuse to do at least one other thing that we’d been thinking about for a long time but hadn’t quite managed.

Day 1 was a long 10-hour drive with a lot of not very much to see. We did stop for a pie in Clermont and took the opportunity to visit the Billy Sing Memorial.

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