A VERY long weekend … comes to an end

A girls’ weekend in Paris that turned into a 7 week holiday.

“At last!” I hear you say.

20190425_174522 (2)

My last morning in London and of my very long weekend. I went back to the Wellcome Collection where I took a guided tour in one of the galleries and watched a live performance in the Smoke and Mirrors Exhibit.

Then off to the London Transport Museum. This was a tad overpriced I thought, but interesting and worth a visit once.

Some last minute shopping at nearby Covent Garden before heading back to pick up my suitcase and head to the airport.

I’d chosen to get the coach to Gatwick rather than battle with my luggage on the train on my own. Bad mistake. Fortunately I’m obsessively early but I wouldn’t mind betting some people were cutting it really fine. There were a few panicked faces on board.

Why Gatwick? Well that was where I could get the business class flight from. Thank you Frequent Flier Points. If the bus had been a silly idea, flying business class was one of my best travel decisions ever. Emirates lounge was a great place to wait for my delayed flight.

And on board? So much leg room! A seat that lays right back flat! Oh, and a walk up cocktail bar. Champagne cocktail? Don’t mind if I do.

If this holiday had to come to an end, this was probably the best way to do it. Thanks for tagging along with me on this epic trip. It will be a long time before I do another like it, but not too long before I’m off somewhere again.


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