A VERY long weekend … a walk in York (or rambles in The Shambles)

A girls’ weekend in Paris that turned into a 7 week holiday

York is a really walkable city and I recommend you spend the time and energy walking it.

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A VERY long weekend … fit for a Queen

A girls’ weekend in Paris that turned into a 7 week holiday

Wow! I had no idea how big Windsor Castle is.

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Some favourite things to see and do in London

Following on from my last post, you might enjoy some of my favourite free and inexpensive things in London. Here is Goannas’ “No Frills London” Travel Guide. There’s heaps of things to add to this list, I know. This is just a taster. Do one, do some, do them all or find your own.


A Mad Dash Up and Down the Country: 2009 Part 2 – England

This trip wasn’t quite “spur of the moment”, but we’d actually intended to go to New Zealand. So how do you start by planning a 2-week trip to NZ and end up in England and France for 4 weeks instead? You contact a dodgy travel agent who, fortunately, gives you the wrong bank account number so your NZ deposit bounces back into your account then, a few days later, you see a really cheap deal on flights to Europe, manage to get an extra 2 weeks leave and book your seats with a reliable travel agent.

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2009 Part 1: London and Oxford

Monday 24 August: Arriving in London:

No doubt about it! All long haul flights are much the same. Singapore Airlines did a pretty good job, but there’s nothing fun about spending over 24 hours in planes and airports. And how frustrating to be sitting on the ground at Heathrow for half an hour and having to stay on the plane because we couldn’t get a gate!

We wanted to take the National Express coach from Heathrow to Victoria Station so Stu could see a bit of the city as we travelled. I should have apologised to the girl at the enquiry counter for interrupting her social life. She barely looked up at me when she told me we’d have to wait 45 minutes. I felt dismissed.

The man at the Tube counter, on the other hand, couldn’t have been more helpful. My 2 year old Oyster card still worked, we got a new one for Stu and loaded them with 7 day travel cards and the cost of the trip in from Heathrow. Even though we were only going to be there for 4 days, the 7 day travel cards were the best value for us.

The tube with suitcases was a bit of a challenge. OK at first, but not so much fun when it started to fill up. We got off at Waterloo and caught a cab to Bankside LSE student accommodation which was clean and comfy. Not quite as spacious as Carr Saunders Hall where Mum and I had stayed 2 years before, but adequate.

We dumped our bags, had a shower and went for a walk. The immediate area didn’t look too promising and there was a lot of construction going on, but further afield it seems nice. We walked down to Borough High Street and past the Southwark Cathedral then had a beer at one pub before dinner at Old Thameside Inn – duck for Stu and steak & ale pie for me. Very nice.

Walked back along the river as far as we could then crashed! Not really a surprise. We’d barely slept for 2 days.

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