WTFriday … always bow to horses

Redefine the sign. Do you have an alternative meaning for a road sign?

DSCN3028 - Copy


WTFriday … you can mow your own way

Some of you will have seen this picture in other posts of mine, but I think it’s always worth sharing.

Is this the best way to mow the burial mound at Knowth?


WTFriday … be casso-wary

We first saw this sign in the Daintree Rainforest on our road trip in 2003. Looks like it’s had more than one iteration.



We saw this, slightly different, one in 2016.

Cassowary sign - 2016

Please look out for our lovely cassowaries when driving in North Queensland. They’re such special birds.

You can find out more about them and see some wonderful photos on the Visiting Cassowaries Facebook page.

Photo by Sue Tidey from Visiting Cassowaries (used with permission)

Have you seen any modified or humourous road signs?