No more award nominations please. But …

Inspiring MAX, one of my favourite bloggers of the many I follow, recently nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I’ve decided not to accept any more awards but did like the questions so thought I’d answer them here.

1. Where is your favourite place you have lived?

I would have to say right here where I live now. It’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere. I like the quiet little town and the feeling of space, even though we don’t have a large block of land.

2. If you could change one thing what would it be?

I wasn’t sure whether to answer with one thing I’d change about myself, my life or the world. Since I have the power to change things about myself and my life (if I really want to) I decided to go with “the world”. Greater minds than mine are grappling with the worldwide refugee situation so I’ll take a small chunk of it and say that I’d like to see all children currently in Australian detention centres out and living in the community.

3. What is your favourite childhood memory?

I think it would be sleeping at my Grandparents’ house. It’s not hard for me to be transported back in time if I hear a train go past while I’m snuggled up in bed on a cold night.

4. What is your dream job?

That’s an easy one for a travel blogger: Any job where I got paid to travel.

5. What was your best subject at school?

I was a bit of a swot so did pretty well at most things. The best of the best was Chemistry.

6. Do you prefer to live in the country or the city?

Country, no question. I grew up in the city but don’t want to live there any more.

7. If you were stranded on a desert island which celebrity would you take with you?

It would have to be someone who would keep me entertained. And amused. And probably fed, since I’m not much of a cook. So I’ll take Manu Feildel. In the unlikely event that I get sick of looking at him I’ll just close my eyes and listen to him.

8. Everyone has a song that makes them want to dance, what is yours?

There’s actually lots of them. I think today I’ll choose Belinda Carlisle “Dancing With You in the Summer Rain”.

9. Favourite colour?

It varies with my moods but mostly it would be sky blue.

10. Do you prefer camping, caravaning or staying in motels?

If I had to pick one of those I’d say caravaning but in truth it’s none. B&Bs, hostels and staying with friends are what we do most. And sometimes self catering cottages.

11. How many different careers have you had?

Lots of jobs but no real career. I’ve been in my current job for 18 years but still it’s just a means of funding my holidays. At least I like it, so that’s a bonus.


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