Cassowary Dancing

We started Day 5 with a peaceful walk through the 100 acre reserve which, apart from the birds, we had all to ourselves. We saw a shy emerald dove, some white terns and many black noddies that have the unnerving habit of flying straight at you.

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Newbies and Boobies (don’t get the wrong idea)

After our less than glorious end to yesterday, Day 3 was much more enjoyable but still relaxed. Well, mostly.

One recent reviewer mentioned they’d done some geocaching on the island. This was something we’d tried years ago but didn’t really get into but thought we’d give it another go.

If you’ve never heard of geocaching but you like puzzles, games and the outdoors you should look it up. This worldwide, online treasure hunt is a great way to find places you would never have normally gone and to learn a little bit about places you’re visiting, or even your local area. You’ll probably be surprised to find how many caches near you right now.

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Too long? Or not long enough? Visions and Prisons on Norfolk Island.

I lost count of the people who asked me what we were going to do on Norfolk Island for a week. I was more concerned that a week wouldn’t be long enough for everything we wanted to see and do.

Care to guess who was right?

Day 1 started somewhat earlier than we expected when our daughter went in to labour and made it to hospital with 9 minutes to spare before our 2nd grandson was born. We didn’t have time to meet him before we had to check in so we toasted his arrival with an early morning drink at the airport.


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How we saved over $200 each on shore tours.

Anyone who’s ever cruised will know that shore tours can be expensive.

There’s no argument that they’re perfect for some people. If you want everything organised and the security of the guarantee  to get you back to the ship on time, then the cruise company’s shore tours might be for you.

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Girls’ trip: Memories and memorials

After the cruise we really only had one plan for our last 2 days, and that was to go to Pearl Harbor. For my non-American readers, you might notice that I’ve used the American spelling. It seems only right but I don’t intend to make a habit of it.