A VERY long weekend … a walk in York (or rambles in The Shambles)

A girls’ weekend in Paris that turned into a 7 week holiday

York is a really walkable city and I recommend you spend the time and energy walking it.

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A VERY long weekend … fit for a Queen

A girls’ weekend in Paris that turned into a 7 week holiday

Wow! I had no idea how big Windsor Castle is.

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I’m not lost … I took the scenic route!

… when even asking for directions doesn’t get you where you’re going …

Have you ever been lost? Or just no quite sure of which way to go? Read on and know that you’re not alone.


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Some favourite things to see and do in London

Following on from my last post, you might enjoy some of my favourite free and inexpensive things in London. Here is Goannas’ “No Frills London” Travel Guide. There’s heaps of things to add to this list, I know. This is just a taster. Do one, do some, do them all or find your own.


People who don’t love cities love London

People like me.

People like my husband.

People like my Mum.

I grew up in a city, even if a relatively small one. I could never go back and live there. I don’t even want to visit most cities.

They’re full of people. and I don’t like people very much.

So don’t ask me why, but if I was told to pack my bags because I had to go to London, well, don’t get in my way because you’ll get run down in the rush.

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A Mad Dash Up and Down the Country: 2009 Part 2 – England

This trip wasn’t quite “spur of the moment”, but we’d actually intended to go to New Zealand. So how do you start by planning a 2-week trip to NZ and end up in England and France for 4 weeks instead? You contact a dodgy travel agent who, fortunately, gives you the wrong bank account number so your NZ deposit bounces back into your account then, a few days later, you see a really cheap deal on flights to Europe, manage to get an extra 2 weeks leave and book your seats with a reliable travel agent.

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