2013 France Part 4

Sorry for the long break between posts. I think I’m now about 3 weeks behind, so here is the last of France. Still haven’t sorted my photos. One of these days … [photos now added]

Thursday 1 August
We walked to the village for a baguette – what else – and a couple of other delicacies, had a cup of coffee and walked home.
Then … another deck day! Read, swam and slept.
This eveing we went for drinks upstairs with our hosts, their frinds and our neighbours. Lots of drinks, nibbles and dirty jokes.

Friday 2 August
A very early start (otherwise it wouldn’t have been worthwhile) to catch the train to Marseilles. We walked around the Old Port to Fort St Jean and the Museum of Europe and the Mediterranean. There was some really interesting displays here but we felt we wasted a lot of time because it was poorly laid out with no logical flow to either the displays or the audio guide. As a result we didn’t spend much time in the fort, which I suspect I would have enjoyed more.
We walked back around the port and stopped for lunch. Stu had bouillabaisse and I had chicken poached in cream followed by a raspberry tart that had so many raspberries on it that they kept falling off.
We walked around the area of the old port before catching our train back. Another long, hot day, but not as steep as some.
There’s lots more to see in Marseilles so we may be back one day.

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2013 France Part 3

Rather long and no photos. [photos now added]  Just trying to get the info updated as I don’t know how long it will be before I have my next wifi.

Wednesday 24 July
Stu went to the markets today where he bought peaches and strawberries. He managed to leave a few strawberries in his backpack where they got squashed by the waterbottles later in the day and leeched red juice down the back of his shirt and shorts. Not a good look but at least he smelt good.
As it turns out our friend’s husband didn’t have to work this week so we all toddled off to Carcassonne today. At first view it truly is like a fairytale castle with it’s towers and conical turrets. We did an audio tour of the chateau and ramparts and had lunch on the run. Went to the cathedral and walked around some of the grounds. There’s lots to explore here that isn’t streets full of shops and that was a pleasant surprise. Also discovered there’s a Youth Hostel there. That might be something to keep in mind for next time. This is definitely my favourite medieval town so far. Perhaps the cool breeze off the Pyrenees helped.



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