Somewhere over the Rainbow

Badtjala Country

While on our holiday at Rainbow Beach last year, I saw a sign for helicopter joy flights. This sounded like a great way to see some of the Fraser Coast and views to K’gari (Fraser Island) – the world’s largest sand island. And so it proved.IMG_20201010_144525

The flights were only 10 minutes but they certainly gave us a great perspective of the coastline. The scariest thing for me was the doors were off for the adults, but I didn’t fall out, nor even feel like I was going to.

Although none of the pictures show it, the best part was the marine life we could see … dolphins, turtles and lots and lots of dugong. The last was the most pleasing because they have been very endangered so it’s good to know they’re coming back.


While we were waiting for one of the other flights to return, we watched the aptly named rainbow bee-eaters. These summer migrants from far north Queensland and New Guinea were nesting on the airfield. We see them at home, too, and have long known that they are beautiful, but not very bright. Every time the helicopter landed they had to abandon their nests.

I would be quite keen to do a longer flight next time. Perhaps one that takes us past the coloured sands that give the area its English name.


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