Scattered Memories

I’ve been particularly slack and have posted very little in the last year, so time for some catch up.

Last October we were supposed to take our grandkids to Fiji. Well, we all know what happened to international travel, don’t we?

Instead, we spent a week at Rainbow Beach. While we were there we’d also arranged to scatter Dad’s ashes in the same spot where Mum’s had been scattered 6 years earlier.


The Coast Guard offers this service free of charge, although they do ask for a donation – which we willingly paid, plus a little more. They provide the boat crew (who use this as a training exercise), their chaplain conducts the service, and they print a memorial program.

This spot is offshore from Mum’s favourite beach at Mooloolaba, Queensland. We’d recorded the GPS coordinates from our previous visit. The weather was kind and allowed the crew to take us back to the same spot.

IMG_1925   IMG_1969


Photos provided by the Coast Guard. Originally posted in Cemeteries and Memorials from Around the World.

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