Armchair Travel with … Join Us In France podcast

Amongst the many podcasts that I listen to regularly, one of my favourites is Join Us In France.

photo of eiffel tower

Photo by Eugene Dorosh on

Annie and Elyse chat to each other and to guests about life and travel in France. Guests often include podcast listeners who have been to France and who talk about their trip.

The show offers practical advice and great suggestions about what to see, where and when to go, how to get there and how to make the most of your trip.

I love the conversational style of this podcast. It feels like I’m sitting down chatting with a friend over coffee – or a glass of wine – and sharing stories.

a cup of cappuccino on wooden table

Photo by Jannet Serhan on

If you’re planning a trip to France, or if you just love hearing about it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this show.

Do you have a favourite podcast that you would recommend? Despite not having time to listen to my playlist now, I’m always looking for new and interesting ones to add.

turned on black samsung smartphone between headphones

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