A VERY long weekend … rock on!

A girls’ weekend in Paris that turned into a 7 week holiday

I hadn’t been to Avebury or Bath on any previous trips so they were on the list this year.

Despite the weather I headed off to Avebury with my not-so-trusty navigator, Google Maps. She took me on a rather convoluted drive down some country roads rather than sticking to the main roads. At least the scenery was nice and I did manage to get there.

I walked part way round the stones before having lunch in the pub…

… followed by an excellent guided walk. It’s astounding to think how long these stones have stood here and, like Stonehenge, how much remains.

I especially liked this stone that looks like a giant rabbit.


On the way back I stopped at Silbury Hill, a neolithic, man-made mound which looks a little uncomfortable in its surrounds …

… and West Kennet Long Barrow, the burial place of about 36 people more than 5500 years ago.

Guaranteed I will be back to this area. Four trips in and I still haven’t been to Bath.

The view from my Salisbury accommodation

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