A VERY long weekend … fit for a Queen

A girls’ weekend in Paris that turned into a 7 week holiday

Wow! I had no idea how big Windsor Castle is.


I chose my AirBnB in Windsor for its proximity to the castle, so that I could walk there and back and wouldn’t need to be driving around looking for parking. The room was in a cute terrace house. The house needs a bit of work but it seems the owner has only recently bought it so hopefully he’ll spruce it up in the future.

Getting there yesterday created a bit of stress. We were a bit late getting to the airport and I thought I was going to miss my flight to Gatwick. As luck would have it the flight was delayed so, not only did I make the flight but I also scored a voucher for lunch. Bonus.

My hire car was somewhat bigger than I really wanted but I hadn’t been able to get anything smaller in an automatic and I certainly didn’t want to be battling with a manual as well as navigating on my own. At least I could park it up and leave it for my 2 night stay here.

Once I sorted out my audio guide at the Castle and oriented myself I had an enjoyable day. I was a little disappointed that Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House was closed. Oh well, an excuse to go back.

Afterwards I had lunch at the Carpenter’s Arms which sits at the top of what claims to be the shortest Street in the UK.


Afterwards I walked through town and over to Eton the back home along the river …

… and through Clewer Village (thanks, Google Maps navigation) where I found a lovely old cemetery with resident squirrel.


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