A VERY long weekend … flower power

A girls’ weekend in Paris that turned into a 7 week holiday

When Penny picked me up she announced we were heading home via Keukenhof. This was a bonus as I didn’t think I’d get there.

It was only day 2 but already lovely. What promise it holds for later in the spring and into the summer.


Imagine how many photos I’d have taken if it had been in full bloom.

Penny used to work with me and recently moved to the Netherlands with her hubby, Pedro the dog and, unknown to us at the time, their bump. The bump was only going to be a few weeks old when I was there so I wasn’t expecting an invitation to stay with them, but they generously offered to share their cottage with me for a few nights.

They live in a lovely, rural area with dairy and egg farms and a beautiful forest right across the road.

We started the next day with a walk in the forest …

then bought some fresh milk direct from the dairy. I can’t imagine that happening in Australia. The only raw milk we can buy is sold as bath milk and not for consumption.


Afterwards, we went looking for some WWII trenches but didn’t find them, though we did come across Grebbeberg War Cemetery where I walked around and paid my respects, even though I don’t have any personal connection here.

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