A VERY long weekend … a grey, grave day

A girls’ weekend in Paris that turned into a 7 week holiday.

It’s easy to imagine Père Lachaise Cemetery as the inspiration for many horror stories, especially when a crow caws in the bare trees on a grey day.


It was Saturday and the place to be was anywhere out of the centre of Paris – as far away from the gilets jaunes protests as possible. Getting there was easier said than done. Some buses had been cancelled due to the protests. But we made it.

Jim Morrison’s grave didn’t hold much meaning for me.


I preferred wandering randomly and imagine a hand reaching up from a sunken grave or a zombie appearing from behind one of the broken doors …

… or wondering if this might be the origin of The Addams Family.


After lunch at a nearby cafe, we headed back into town (once again, easier said than done) to wander before all going back to one of our rooms for wine and pizza.

And Cassie met Errol.



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