US in the US … and in conclUSion

You can always tell when I wasn’t thrilled with a part of a trip because it takes me a long time to post (if I ever do).

To say I didn’t enjoy our half day Grand Canyon outing wouldn’t be quite true, but I was a little disappointed. I had been before and I didn’t feel that this one gave a sense of the size and, well, grandness of the canyon. But it was Stu’s first visit and he was suitably impressed.

So here are some of the pics. If you’ve been to the Canyon, judge for yourself if I’m being a bit harsh.


Our Grand Canyon trip was part of our 3 days in Las Vegas. Another place I’d been before. Twice is enough, I think. I don’t mind a flutter in the casino every now and then but I just couldn’t get into the feel of the town this time.

The 2 shows we went to were well worth the money we spent on the tickets.

Chris Angel’s Mindfreak is magic on steroids. It starts with some standard tricks. Ramped up, without a doubt, but what you’d expect in many ways. When he started his levitation tricks I was really starting to enjoy it. And then I looked at Stu and said, “Oh shit, of fuck, oh shit”. One second Chris Angel had been on stage. The next he was sitting in the seat in front of me. Wow! Mind officially blown blown!

The other show was Cirque du Soleil’s “Ka”. And that was even better. I’ve long wanted to see a Cirque performance and in Vegas you’re spoilt for choice. Aston chose this one and he did a good job. The story of love and war is the perfect vehicle to highlight the acrobatic and artistic performances. Definitely my pick of the 2 shows we saw.


Other things in Vegas included drinking a bacon martini at the Double Down Saloon.


Well, when I say “drinking” I really mean “tasting then actively avoiding”. The best thing that can be said about it is that it made the Ass Juice taste really good …



… visiting the marijuana store next door …


… eating, drinking and general soaking up the atmosphere.


Leaving Vegas we had a 5 hour window to make our international flight. These had been booked separately so we made sure we had plenty of time to make the connection. I started to panic slightly … and then a bit more … when our Vegas/San Francisco flight was delayed 2 hours with no news on why or when we’d be leaving.

All the while we were sitting on the plane wondering if we’d make it in time. I texted my sister in Australia with our Air New Zealand flight details and she contacted them for us. And I have to say that Air New Zealand were absolutely brilliant. I know they wouldn’t have held the flight for us but they did lodge a note on our booking just in case we were cutting it fine.

In the end we had plenty of time. Unlike some of our fellow travellers who missed their flights and lost their money.

Cassie the Cassowary was happy to make it home and is waiting eagerly for us to plan our next holiday.



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