Do you really want to travel? Try these 5 simple money saving ideas.

Whilst they mightn’t get you there all on their own, these money saving tips from The Youthful Traveller will help you save for your next trip.


5 Mind Blowing Ways to Save Money for Travel

I’m already doing several of them:

  • I’ve made $900 in the last 2 months selling off some of my clutter. And guess where that money went … straight in the travel account.
  • I gave up smoking several years ago and the money I’d have spent transfers as an automatic deduction straight out of my pay every fortnight. It’s astounding how quickly it builds up.
  • I treat myself to a takeaway lunch once a week and almost never buy coffee. Perhaps I could cut down my takeaway to once a fortnight and add the extra $10 to my account.
  • And my money “jar” is an enormous tin money box that can’t be opened until we’re ready to empty it. It’s not full yet but I’m excited to see how much is in it when it eventually is.

None of these will fund your travels on their own, but they will help you save towards your next trip.

Can you do one? Or more? Go on. It’ll be worth it when you’re winging your way to your next favourite place.




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