US in the US … jUSt starting


Happy birthday Stu! The longest, but possibly not the most exciting one ever, since most of it was spent travelling across time zones.

No complaints, though.

This is Stu’s 3rd visit to the US, my 4th and the 2nd for Cassie the Cassowary. But it’s the first time we’ve all been there together.

Not much changes when you’re heading out, although you no longer have to fill in a departure card at Brisbane Airport. Not that that improved things much. The endless rounds of queuing and security screening never gets any better.

But there’s always a celebratory drink in sight … no matter how early in the morning.

Day 01 (1)

And Cassie’s excited to see where she might go.

Day 01 (2)

She was happy to be on board the plane to

Day 01 (4)

but not impressed with her (under)seat allocation.

Day 01 (8)


On the other side of the Pacific we checked into Pier 2621 Hotel in San Francisco – roomy room but very dimly lit – and headed out for a late lunch. “Everyone” had told us we must have clam chowder in a bread bowl, so we did. Definitely tasty. Followed it up with fish and chips for me and prawns and scallops for Stu.


Cassie drank.

We walked down to the Visitors’ Centre in search of an America the Beautiful pass. They sent us across to Hyde St Pier where we were just in time to buy the pass and do a quick walk around a few of the historic ships.

Walking back to the hotel we stopped to absorb a bit of sugar just by looking at the displays. And I may have bought a few things. Just maybe.

And a quick drink in the hotel bar before bed.


A long, but very enjoyable day.


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