Up the Bluff! (and other places)

Last week Stu decided I needed to get off my big fat backside and out of the house on the weekend. Not sure why. Best not to examine his motives too closely.

So on Friday he announced we were going geocaching in Springsure or Yeppoon. The weather looked fantastic so we decided on Yeppoon and booked a budget motel that is walking distance from shops, cafés and the beach.

After a late lunch at Whisk

we walked to 3 caches. The first was at the top of The Bluff – a bit of a steep walk but fairly easy to find and a great view.

Next was one at the other end of town at Ross Creek. Now this one was tricky. So tricky that Stu “found” it but didn’t realise he had until I spotted something a bit out of place. Really pleased to have found one this difficult.

The last one wasn’t hard to find and the clue made sense once we got there so found it quickly.

A drink at Vue to celebrate … but just the one. We’d have needed a 2nd mortgage to have any more.

Dinner at the RSL was nice but slightly spoiled by the very long wait for dessert. Cassie had a good time, though, and ended up in the ice bucket.

And Stu was amused by this sign. No prizes for guessing where he saw it.


Sunday morning, after breakfast at Whisk,


we went to attempt a trail of 24 caches. We “found” them all but couldn’t claim one as we couldn’t get to it to sign the log. Another was sooooo well hidden that we almost gave up but glad we persisted. Most were easy and we got a few good ideas on how to hide some of ours.

The trail took about 2 hours and we were pretty much done. Despite being winter it was fairly warm.

We did stop for a couple of others in hidden parks we didn’t know about. Really nice spots but sadly the 2nd one seemed to be some sort of drug hook up spot to judge by the rubbish lying around – little clip lock bags and needle packaging. Perhaps not a spot to go after dark. The 1st one, though, took us on a nice walk along the beach and into the dunes.

The last one we looked for we couldn’t find as the GPS wouldn’t settle and we were too tired by then to really care. We’ll be back another day to try again.

Stopped for fish and chips and a view of Ironpot at the Fisholicious van


and chatted with a friend who happened to stop there too. No crocs on the beach today … lucky for the people who were swimming. I wondered if we should have warned them.

We dropped in on a friend at Emu Park and did a drive by to make sure our block of land was still there. It was. I’m not sure what we would have done if it hadn’t been. The neighbours might have been a bit worried too.

The ANZAC memorial walk is fairly new so we decided to have a look. This see-through image is spectacular as the sun rises behind it.


I know because I’ve seen the pictures on Facebook.

The walk takes you up to the Singing Ship. But there was no wind today so it wasn’t singing.


As usual, we’d left it a bit later than we intended before the 3 hour drive home. At least I had Monday off – so time to do the washing. Back to the real world.


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