An ending … and home to a new beginning

Day 7 and almost time to go home. Our week of doing a lot of not very much has caught up with us and we’ve had a day of doing even less. And still we’re enjoying it.


Today was the show holiday on Norfolk Island. A lot of things were closed and not much seemed to be happening at the show in the morning, so we had a look at a few places we hadn’t been yet – yes, even on an island this small you might not get to do everything in a week – and some geocaching.

Day 8 and time to leave, but we still had a few hours before we had to leave for the long trek (insert sarcasm icon here) to the airport. So we went on the second Tag Along Tour which took us to the 2 museums we hadn’t yet seen.

It would definitely be a good idea to do both of these tours early in the trip if possible. It didn’t work out that way for us but we’re glad we did do it, even on our last day.


So, that’s our week on Norfolk Island. We really enjoyed it and will go back one day soon. The next trip might be in summer when we’ll be able to enjoy a swim as well.


If you’ve ever looked at, or spent, a holiday here you’ll notice that there’s quite a few of the “typical” activities we didn’t do. We don’t regret this but we do think we’ll do some of them when we go back.

But for now it’s back home to meet our new grandson who didn’t arrive in time for us to meet him before we left. What better reason to go home?



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