Cassowary Dancing

We started Day 5 with a peaceful walk through the 100 acre reserve which, apart from the birds, we had all to ourselves. We saw a shy emerald dove, some white terns and many black noddies that have the unnerving habit of flying straight at you.


This was a lovely, peaceful spot early in the day and with no other people around.

On this very warm day we then enjoyed the cool of the walk through the Botanical Gardens and some other views around the island.

On our way back to our room we stopped at Hilli’s to book for dinner. We weren’t planning to visit Cyclorama but got talked into it. It’s a 360° mural that follows the story of the Bounty mutineers from England to Pitcairn Island and, later, their descendants to Norfolk Island. It was very well done and I enjoyed feeling I was part of the scene, though I did think that at $15 it was over-priced.

Our dinner at Hilli’s was excellent. Anyone who says this is the best restaurant on the island is probably right. We didn’t eat at them all but they’d have to go a long way to take the title. Expensive – yes. Value for money – absolutely.

In case you’re interested in what we ate, our entrées were duck liver pâté and smoked fish pâté, mains were vegetarian curry and Kingston pork belly and desserts were trio of sorbets and sticky date pudding.

Day 6 was Stu’s fishing charter so he headed off early.

Carless until he returned, I walked down to the markets then spent the rest of the morning relaxing.

Stu came home about lunchtime with a good haul of fish.

The afternoon was also fairly relaxed – we went for a bit of a drive and found a few more geocaches.

We went next door to the Jolly Roger for a drink or 3 and stayed for dinner. Some of Stu’s fellow fishers were there and we all had a great night listening and dancing to their excellent guitarist.

Cassie the Cassowary had a great night too, though she might have overindulged just a little.


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