Newbies and Boobies (don’t get the wrong idea)

After our less than glorious end to yesterday, Day 3 was much more enjoyable but still relaxed. Well, mostly.

One recent reviewer mentioned they’d done some geocaching on the island. This was something we’d tried years ago but didn’t really get into but thought we’d give it another go.

If you’ve never heard of geocaching but you like puzzles, games and the outdoors you should look it up. This worldwide, online treasure hunt is a great way to find places you would never have normally gone and to learn a little bit about places you’re visiting, or even your local area. You’ll probably be surprised to find how many caches near you right now.

Being relative newbies, we limited ourselves to the easiest ones, but still they took us to beautiful views and interesting snippets of information that we wouldn’t have otherwise found.

I mustn’t forget to mention Cassie the Cassowary who came with us and had a great time checking out some of the scenery and meeting the locals. Keep an eye out for her in some of our photos.


Back down in Kingston we enjoyed a walk around the historic cemetery





and other views of the area.

My hubby’s cousin had told us that her mother had been born on the island so we decided to see if we could find her birth record and the house the family had lived in. We did find the record but it seems the house had burnt down.

We drove up to Mt Pitt and walked up to Mt Bates – the highest point on the island.

Those of you who’ve followed some of my previous travels will know that we have a bit of an obsession with Captain James Cook so we naturally went to visit the monument to him. A great spot for watching sea birds as well as beautiful scenery.

The upside of last night’s disastrous dinner was that we met a couple who were on the island for the theatre festival. We hadn’t planned to go but decided we would and enjoyed the 4 one-act plays that we saw.

Day 4 held in store one of the best things we did … a 3 hour bird watching tour with Margaret Christian. Margaret is very generous with her time and her knowledge of not just birds but all the flora and fauna as well as the geology and history of the island. So generous that she takes you to her own home for afternoon tea and the 3 hours ended up being closer to 5 hours.

We’d probably have missed the elusive Norfolk Island green parrot- not the best photo but we did at least see it –


and we definitely wouldn’t have seen the most beautiful masked boobies that nest on Margaret’s property


and their gorgeous fluffy babies.


If you’re a bird lover, this is the tour for you. Plus you’ll get more beautiful scenery.

Here’s a few of the other birds that we saw on this tour and around the island.

And Margaret met a new bird too.



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