Girls’ trip: Memories and memorials

After the cruise we really only had one plan for our last 2 days, and that was to go to Pearl Harbor. For my non-American readers, you might notice that I’ve used the American spelling. It seems only right but I don’t intend to make a habit of it.


We’d booked a coach trip which also took us on a drive around town to see some of the sights.

The big plus of doing the coach trip is guaranteed entry to the Arizona Memorial. Since tickets are allocated each day on a first-come first-served basis, this saves you the trouble of taking your chances. Of course, it does mean you have to pay for something that is free but with limited time it’s a good option. Some on our tour stayed to explore the rest of the park after we’d left and I think that’s what I’d do if I went again.

The Arizona Memorial is truly moving and meaningful. Even when we have no personal connection it’s still important to honour the sacrifice.

After a last session of shopping and some beach time it was back to the room to pack.

And perhaps think about the next holiday.

Just over 12 months after we got home, Mum was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and passed away a few short months after that. So we’re glad we had this chance to create even more memories.


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