Girls’ Trip … from the liner to Lahaina!

Before leaving for this trip we’d already decided not to book any tours through the ship because they’re expensive. Between us we’d been on lots of cruises so we knew we’d be able to find alternatives.

This meant a bit of pre-cruise research and making decisions about what shore tours we’d do. That doesn’t suit everyone, I know, but it worked well for us and saved us a lot of money. I’ll have a price breakdown at the end of this trip.

Day 1 had us docking in Kahului on Maui. We’d decided to catch the local bus to Lahaina, so got the ship’s shuttle to the local shopping centre where we found we weren’t the only ones with the same idea. The fare was a very reasonable $2 each way. For the return price of $4 we got an all day pass. So we could have gone anywhere on the island if we’d had the time.


The biggest and most prominent feature of Lahaina is the enormous banyan tree.

Hawaii Day 3 (51)

There were some lovely stalls in the markets beneath the tree and some nice shops around the town, but I didn’t buy anything other than a snow cone with condensed milk. What could be wrong with that?

Hawaii Day 3 (3)

We enjoyed our lunch, including a nacho entree that would have staved off starvation for a week

Hawaii Day 3 (65)

and a spinach salad with strawberries, macadamia nuts, caramalised onion, feta and a strawberry vinaigrette

Hawaii Day 3 (66)

and the views around town

before heading back to the ship for the Haleakala sunset tour.

It was quite misty and wet and the higher up we went, the worse it got. Well, as ever, you can’t change the weather so we just enjoyed the bits we did see and the entertaining commentary from our driver.

Haleakala, we learnt, means “House of the Sun”. I guess the sun had gone out for dinner, though. The closest we got to seeing the sunset was a photo on our guides phone. Looks like it would have been beautiful.

Hawaii Day 3 (36)

Day 2 of the cruise, for me at least, was a very quiet “deck day” which meant reading on deck and a few not-too-active activities while Mum and Leanne went shopping. I took part in a couple of trivia challenges, winning the Sudoku but, somewhat embarrassingly, not the Australian trivia.

After the others got back Leanne and I managed 2nd in the Brady Bunch trivia. That’s a bit of a giveaway to our ages, I think.

Mum and I went to the movie musical show which was good but would have been a lot better if they weren’t miming. That doesn’t happen on Australian cruises. Ah well, at least it was entertaining.





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