Girls’ Trip: The 44 hour day!

When your Mum says, “I’d like to take your sister and you to Hawaii”, you don’t say no.

But the time difference between Brisbane and Honolulu means that departure day lasted 44 hours. It was mostly spent in transit but we managed a few highlights.

We arrived before we left and checked into our hotel,

Hawaii Day 1 (32)

Hawaii Day 1 (33)

checked out the beach,

Hawaii Day 1 (2)Hawaii Day 1 (4)Hawaii Day 1 (6)

grabbed some lunch


caught the trolley to Ala Moana shopping centre and generally explored.

Leanne was so impressed with the Ladies that I had to take a photo of her.

Hawaii Day 1 (44)

I’m not a shopper but Leanne’s enthusiasm must have been infectious because I bought stuff. And it’s only our first day.

Hawaii Day 1 (15)Hawaii Day 1 (19)

I do have to say that Qantas slips a little in my opinion every time I fly with them. The staff are always excellent but the food gets worse and worse and the seats get smaller and smaller every time. Breakfast on this trip was particularly bad – the worst scrambled eggs ever and watermelon that should have been in the compost bin two days before.

Yes, ok, you can’t expect gourmet in cattle class, but if you say you’re providing meals then at least make them edible please.

After a good sleep it was off for more exploring



and shopping at the Hard Rock Café and the International Market Place

Hawaii Day 2 (28)



before lunch then back to pack and head for the Pride of America for our 7 night cruise.

Considering there’s 3 of us, the cabin isn’t too bad. A bit pokey but there’s still room for Leanne’s jar of Vegimite – can you see it?

Hawaii Day 2 (4)Hawaii Day 2 (2)

And we don’t have to spend too much time in it.

As little as possible, in fact!



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