I’m not lost … I took the scenic route!

… when even asking for directions doesn’t get you where you’re going …

Have you ever been lost? Or just no quite sure of which way to go? Read on and know that you’re not alone.


Mum and I landed in Ireland with only one plan for the day – go to New Grange then find a B&B.

Picking up the hire car at Dublin airport, Mum informed me that she hadn’t driven there at all on her 4 previous trips with Dad. Mmmmm, I wish she’d told me that before we booked our 11 week holiday.

In those pre-Smartphone days there probably were sat navs but we had maps and that’s all we planned to use.

Well, that and asking for directions.

We stopped at a garden centre where a lovely man gave us very detailed instructions which he went over twice. He even drew us a little map to a point where he told us we should stop and ask someone else for further directions. We thanked him profusely and headed off with confidence.

While we were keenly looking for the bridge on the right that we needed to cross, we saw a sign pointing to Newgrange … directing us left.

Which way to go? We decided to follow the sign and made it to the right place. We’d missed a tour to Newgrange but did go to Knowth.

All these years later I still wonder where we would have ended up if we’d followed those directions.

An occasional series from a navigationally challenged traveller inspired by
this post from Noodles.

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