Gone Troppo: Opening Pandora’s box!

Our last day of this break! Stu was up early and went fishing but only caught a small cod – no keepers.


After breakfast, he and Ron went to do the rounds of the fishing shops, while Wendy and I went to the the Museum of Tropical Queensland where we spent hours.

I really enjoyed this excellent local museum, especially the Pandora exhibition. This ship played a role in Australia’s history, being sent to search for the Bounty mutineers and was later wrecked on the Barrier Reef.


The exhibition tells the ships story and displays recovered artefacts in entertaining displays.

I particularly enjoyed finding out that the portable fireplace is the only one of its kind left in the world, and that the one on display in the Admiral’s cabin of the HMS Victory is actually a replica of this one. I must have seen that replica twice without knowing that. Perhaps that’s a good excuse to go back to Portsmouth on my next trip to the UK – as if I need an excuse!

In the year celebrating Townsville’s 150th birthday, the displayed timeline featuring local events and personalities and relating them to world events was interesting for locals and visitors.

Stu, Ron and Ron’s niece joined us after lunch and had fun as well.


Dinner with family and friends was terrific and we were too full to even have an ice cream on the walk home.


Packing up and heading home was about all we had time to do the next day. The end of another adventure. But the next one is just over the horizon.


At least there was someone at home pleased to see us.



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