Gone Troppo: Coasting home

Much as I like the relaxed lifestyle at Cape Trib, I’m not sorry to be heading away from the humidity. We didn’t make it far down the road before we stopped for breakfast at CJ’s Cafe at Thornton Beach. A beautiful spot and the girl who served us was soooooo cheerful.

20160225_092112 (640x360)

We enjoyed the views but eventually had to get back to “civilisation”.

20160225_101544 (640x360) 20160225_103943 (640x360)

Once back south of the Daintree River we headed towards Bramston Beach, which someone had told us was a good place to stay. We’d never been there and never heard of it. We had no reason to go there – except that we’d never been there and never heard of it … always a good sign of a nice, quiet spot. And so it was, but unfortunately the only motel was closed for February so we had to keep going.

On the way, we’d driven in to Port Douglas – another place we’d never been – for a look. It seems like it was once a lovely, sleepy beach town which, like so many other nice spots, has been ruined by development. I don’t think we’ll be going back. Nice views but I don’t think there’s anything there for us.

We decided to head for Mission Beach where I’d stayed 5 years before when doing community recovery work after Cyclone Yasi. Sadly the lovely family run motel we’d stayed in then seemed  to be closed, but we did find another where we got the friendliest welcome ever.

From there we proceeded on an unintentional pub crawl before dinner  at the tavern.

The next morning, on our way to breakfast at South Mission Beach, the car in front of us suddenly slowed down.  As Stu wondered aloud what he was doing, a cassowary ran across the road, thereby putting an end to Stu’s long-held  assertion that it was a mythical bird and the warning signs were a joke.

It was far too quick for a photo so we had to settle for this rather creepy-looking one.


The day was very low stress day driving down the coast, enjoying the views and popping in to a few little beaches and scenic spots along the way.

At Cardwell we discovered the park with  the memorial to the Battle of the Coral Sea and spent quite a while reading the tributes.


Stu has been to Cardwell many times but not since Yasi and was quite upset to see how much had been destroyed by Yasi and how much would never be rebuilt. It’s recovered to some degree but is never going to be the same, that’s for sure.

Views over the Hinchinbrook Channel

before Taylors Beach for lunch

then the compulsory stop for an ice cream at the Frosty Mango before heading to friends’ place in Townsville. Poor buggers – they live right on the Strand and are walking distance from lots of eateries.


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