Gone Troppo … hanging around in the jungle!

It is the rainforest and it is the wet season so a day of rain was only to be expected.


Nothing for it but to enjoy games of Zombies and Cards Against Humanity with Aston.


And almost had to spend the night on his floor as the creek came up, but luckily went down quickly and we made it back to our own bed.


The next day went from zero to challenging then moved right on to amazing.

A drive, some short walks to see some of the scenery and relaxing by the pool before buying what might well be the worst loaf of bread ever. A sandwich made with cardboard would have been easier to eat.

And then Jungle Surfing. This was where Aston was working at the time so we had to do it. I was a little nervous about hanging from the zip lines. No, let’s be honest. I was really nervous. Combine my fear of heights with my dislike of stepping into thin air and … what was I thinking?

And I was definitely NOT going upside down. Not a chance. Not even if everyone says that but ends up doing it. Not me.

Well, you know you should never say “Never”.

I think my knees were wobblier doing this than when I ran off the mountain to go paragliding. I only had to run off the mountain once, but I had to step of several platforms. It didn’t get a whole lot better and I don’t think I really relaxed.

There are some amazing views from up there, and a whole different perspective of the only place in the world where two World Heritage areas – the Daintree Rain Forest and the Great Barrier Reef – meet.

But I definitely wasn’t going upside down.

Except, of course, I did.

We both did.



After dark we were back at Jungle Surfing HQ for our guided night walk. We were treated to a lot of smaller wildlife, particularly spiders and insects. It always surprises me that spiders don’t bother me anywhere near as much when they’re outside … unless I walk through the web. Then you get to see the spider web dance. But luckily not tonight.

Both day and night tours were done in the steaming heat of the rainforest in summer. Absolutely sweltering. A little bit of rain on the night walk gave some relief – until it stopped and the heat turned that moisture to more steam.

So, apart from all the great experiences, I now know how those pork buns feel while they’re being cooked.



9 thoughts on “Gone Troppo … hanging around in the jungle!

  1. Oh, my gosh! The only time I’ve ever gone on a zipline–that was the Amazon jungle–the guide had to pry my fingers from around his leg and push me off the platform. No, I think it’s safe to say I will never go upside down! Very fun post!


    • Never say never! You never know what you might do – especially when your son is one of the guides and you would be shamed if you didn’t. Though truthfully, I may never do it again. Thanks for travelling with us.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ha ha! Those darn kids! The truth is that I’d never even have gone to the Amazon without our son’s encouragement (poke with a sharp stick). But those are the adventures we treasure most, and who else would we rather share life’s adventures with?

        Liked by 1 person

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