Gone Troppo … paddling our own canoe

We didn’t have a lot to achieve on the drive from Undara to Cape Tribulation. But, true to form, we managed a few little stops along the way.

Millstone Falls are a short walk from the car park and nice without being spectacular.


At McHugh’s Lookout the views were lovely.

And at Gallo Dairyland we stopped for an early lunch after sampling (and, of course, buying) cheeses and chocolates. I had been past 5 years ago but hadn’t had time to stop. That was definitely a mistake. Delicious.

After some shopping for essential supplies in Mareeba and Mossman we headed to the ferry to cross the Daintree River. We found out later that if Aston had been thinking ahead he’d have left us a visitor’s pass so we wouldn’t have had to pay. Oh well, not to worry.


And then was the slow drive up the narrow road to Cape Trib. You’re on jungle time now and nothing is rushed, so relax and enjoy it.

I’d envisaged the following evening spent gently paddling a kayak into the bay to watch the sunset.

What we got instead was a half day ocean kayak trek around Cape Trib and back.

What a challenge that was for us. We’d never been in an ocean kayak before. Paddling against the wind and the current was a workout but it was deeply satisfying to make it to the other side. And on the way our guide talked with passion about the ocean, the wildlife and the area in general.

Luckily, the trip back was with the wind and the current and only took a fraction of the time.

I would never have chosen this adventure but am really glad we did it.


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