Gone Troppo!

What sort of lunatics go to the tropics in the middle of summer? The sort with a son who works there and who is about to move overseas to work.

That’s us.

It was a short break in February – just a week off work – but gave us the excuse to do at least one other thing that we’d been thinking about for a long time but hadn’t quite managed.

Day 1 was a long 10-hour drive with a lot of not very much to see. We did stop for a pie in Clermont and took the opportunity to visit the Billy Sing Memorial.



Billy Sing was a crack sniper at Gallipoli and came back to this area after WWI.

After that it was the long, long haul up the Belyando Road. There’s plenty of other stretches of nothing in Australia that don’t bother me so I’m not sure why I hate this drive so much.

A fuel stop at Charters Towers – a historic town I’d like to explore further on another day – before heading further north to our home for the next 2 nights at Undara Lava Tubes – somewhere we’ve wanted to visit for years.

I had really wanted to stay in one of the railway carriages but, as this is the low season, they were being renovated. So we took a cabin instead – quite roomy and a good sized bathroom – in a lovely bush setting and very, very few people around. Although it’s hot, the lack of fellow travellers is one of the benefits of travelling at this time of year.


Day 2 would prove to be HUGE, exhausting and truly satisfying.


4 thoughts on “Gone Troppo!

    • Oh do come back and go. The trouble with Australia is that it’s so big and so far between the good stuff. Next week’s post will have all the best bits of the lava tubes. Although it was the hottest time of year it’s also the best for some of the animals.

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