Always take the weather … everywhere you go!

My last full day, as you’ll see from the photos, was full of weather – wet, windy and a little cool. Well, if you’re going to have bad weather on a holiday you might as well be consistent.


One of the things we’d planned to do was a Tennessee River Gorge tour. We’d been putting it off but this was the last chance so we bit the bullet and booked the tickets.

I know I missed some great views but still enjoyed the trip.

There was a handful of others on the boat. The guides were knowledgeable and the commentary kept us entertained, despite the lack of views. Lots about wildlife and civil war history.

We managed to see a few birds and I was happy that I got to see some bald eagles, even though a bit far away.

The boat itself is like a giant jet boat. I wasn’t surprised to hear it was designed in New Zealand.

So, our views were rubbish, but the trip was enjoyable. If and when I’m back, I still have plenty of things to do – again, or for the first time – and lots of views yet to see.


If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry. On departure day I woke to bright sunshine and clear blue skies. What could you do? Not a thing. That’s the luck of the draw. Because of the weather, I had to skip some things but did others that I might have missed if every day had been like today.

I have a theme song for this trip. I know it’s actually a break-up song, but it has the right words:

Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you!


One final note for anyone who’s made it all the way through this trip with me … I caught the shuttle from Chattanooga to Atlanta for my return flight home. On the bus with me were 3 people heading for Paris, including one lady on her first overseas trip. I have no idea who they were but I still thought of them when, two days after I got back to Australia, we were all shocked by the shootings in Paris.


Travel safe, everyone!




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