Always take the weather … to the Smoky Mountains!

I actually saw some sunshine today. Not much and not for long … but it was a nice change.


We visited the excellent Museum of the Cherokee Indian this morning, where we were greeted by Jerry Wolf who signed our brochures. Mr Wolf features in the visual presentations in the museum.

The history of the Cherokee is displayed in a timeline with well narrated and captioned dioramas, images and artifacts. Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended!

Before heading to the museum I continued my Southern food education with some breakfast grits. We have a porridge called Cerevite and I have to say it’s very similar.

Despite glimpses of sunshine, our drive through the Smoky Mountains was foggy, making the mountains look … well … smoky.

By the time we got to Pigeon Forge it was sunny and hot so we caught the shuttle to Gatlinburg where we had lunch at the Mountain Edge Grill. I’m not sure it was strictly part of my Southern food education but my “South of the Border” chilli dog was excellent.

Gatlinburg is quite nice, although obviously a tourist town. At least we seemed to be between seasons and it wasn’t too crazy, but I’ll bet it gets that way at times.


Back at our accommodation in Pigeon Forge I took advantage of fine afternoon and went for a walk before dinner.

More evenings like this please!


4 thoughts on “Always take the weather … to the Smoky Mountains!

  1. Gatlinburg is definitely very touristy but I hope you stumbled upon the eight miles of local artists and craftsmen. If not, it’s worth hunting down if you’re ever in the area again.


    • Thanks for visiting and also for following. I must admit it was a quick visit and though we did find some arts and crafts I certainly didn’t find eight miles of them. Definitely something I’d look for if I’m back there. Thanks for the tip.


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