Always take the weather … to a historic house.

After a day spent mostly driving to Harrah’s Cherokee Casino, we checked into our HUGE rooms – yes, we had a room each. Each room had 2 king sized beds. I could have had my own party. But instead we had dinner at the very extensive and excellent buffet.

The next day we visited Biltmore – a grand house in a very European style. Elaborate, extravagant, totally over the top by today’s standards, but impressive and an interesting glimpse at a different time and a different way of life.


The excellent audio guide leads you through the building, explaining the rooms and their contents. I think the thing I was most astounded by was the huge indoor swimming pool. Although it can no longer be used, it’s not hard to imagine what it was like when it was full and the family and their guest were enjoying its heated waters.

On to Antler village and a winery tour followed by tastings and a few purchases.

Back at Harrah’s I went for a walk before keeping my record intact by losing at the casino. I’ve managed that in every one I’ve ever been to.



8 thoughts on “Always take the weather … to a historic house.

  1. I’ve gone to Biltmore once or twice, but it was as a child, so I didn’t really appreciate it so much. I’d love to see it through my ‘adult’ eyes (well, most of the time I’m an adult!). I’ve heard they even have a marathon (or half-marathon? maybe both) at the Biltmore House now. If you’re in Asheville again and enjoy writing-related stuff, be sure to check out places like Thomas Wolfe’s house, Riverside Cemetery (Wolfe and the great short storyist and master of the twist, “O.Henry” is interrred there), Malaprop’s Bookstore, etc. Not to mention all the beautiful mountain scenery nearby. Great photos!


      • I saw that you ‘guys’ are a couple traveling the world. So neat! I’d love to try that once our kids are out of the nest (they’re 8 and 6, so not real soon). I love the picture of you two next to what (appears to be) a glacier. That must have been a great experience (and, unfortunately, like your Great Barrier Reef, something everybody should see before/if it’s too late). No problem; sorry to hear you didn’t win at the casino. The one time I went to one, I won a few times then lost it all. Fortunately I limited myself to like $20 or whatever, and I was done. I might have come out, literally, five cents ahead. Well, anyway, happy travels and loving your “Fictionary” blog too; great idea.

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      • Enjoy your kids while they’re young. They’ll grow up quick enough.
        That’s Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand. We did a half day guided walk. A fantastic experience and well worth seeing.
        Don’t worry, I didn’t lose too much at the casino. I always limit myself too.

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