Always take the weather … on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

The weather wasn’t right for the Fall Foliage trip but, hey, that seems to be the theme of this holiday. I still thought the leaves were spectacular though I’m told they’re even better when the sun is shining.


On the way to the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway we stopped at Mercier Orchard where I was introduced to apple fritters.

I think I’m in love.


The train ride was a pleasant one hour trip each way with a good commentary about the history of the area we travelled through, including a Native American fish trap. When the water is low you can really see the effect of this trap. See the “V” in the water?


Two hours in Copperhill gave us plenty of time to enjoy the town’s shops and have lunch before the return trip.

A very pleasant half day trip – and I’m sure Lee agrees, since he spent the time fishing before picking us up to go home.

And, of course, Cassie enjoyed herself. She loves a man in uniform.



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