Always take the weather … on a Halloween cemetery walk

I couldn’t think of anything better than a guided walk in the Forest Hills cemetery in Chattanooga on the morning of Halloween – except possibly one at midnight.


The guide was obviously passionate about his interests and knowledgeable when it came to the people he talked about. But unfortunately not well prepared and didn’t know where all the graves he wanted to talk about were.

Most of the other walkers were locals and the talk was more interesting for them. They knew who the people were that the guide focussed on and had their own bits of local knowledge to contribute.

Despite this, I enjoyed the walk in the pleasant surroundings …

… and entertained myself with some amusing gravestones.

IMG_7377IMG_7371 (2)IMG_7394IMG_7379

After popping in to an estate sale we went to lunch at 1885 where I continued my Southern food education with shrimp and cheese grits – another success.

Halloween isn’t really a thing in Australia. Well, it’s becoming a thing but it’s not  our tradition and certainly wasn’t something I’d done as a child.

So I quite enjoyed going Trick-or-Treating with the kids in the evening.


8 thoughts on “Always take the weather … on a Halloween cemetery walk

    • I’ll be sure to let you know if we come to Glasgow and will take one of your walks. I’ve been once before but didn’t visit the Necropolois. I think it was the first time this guide had led a tour in this cemetery. But I know that if it was me I would have spent an hour or 2 before hand locating the graves. We visited my husband’s great uncle’s grave in France and even knowing beforehand where it was we still had trouble finding the exact spot.


  1. I lived in the States for a decade and one of the best experiences (and there are many) was halloween. I lived in an old suburb in a town in the Appalachians and it was such a great sights to see whole families taking part. Certainly isn’t a part of Aussie culture that’s for sure, but hats off to those who do participate in the spirit intended. Great post!


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