Always take the weather … to a ghost town and beyond.

No one could tell me for sure where the name Shake Rag comes from. This ghost town was a river community so its name might have originated with the residents hanging out a rag when they had mail to be picked up by the mail boat.

Civilisation isn’t far away now, but it feels very remote. I can imagine how wild it must have been, and the people along with it, in the days of the river boats.IMG_7294

All that remains of this coal mining community is some ruined buildings and caves visited by serious spelunkers. I enjoyed a little walk around some of the ruins. But the caves were beyond me.

We’d been to an estate sale earlier in the day and, needing something to wear for Halloween, continued our shopping in the afternoon at the unclaimed baggage centre in Alabama. There were some good deals to be had – mostly on clothes – but other things like jewelry were overpriced … luckily. We did manage to find something for Halloween. Nothing too scary, though. We might be scary enough without embelishments.

Heading back towards home we drove to Lookout Mountain with views across to Sand Mountain and the Cumberland Plateau where we watched the hang gliders taking the leap of faith.

Another taste of Southern food on the way home – boiled peanuts. We get them at home but these were still warm. We don’t get them like that!

Dinner at El Meson Mexican Restaurant was a chance to enjoy some, well, Mexican food – also something we get plenty of at home – and to meet more of Mary and Lee’s friends and family.



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