My Leaky-Bucket List


I love to do those silly Facebook quizzes and list challenges. But every now and then they get the better of me.

100 places to visit before you die … as long as you have unlimited time and money. Who’s really going to do all of them?

So, with the help of some friends and inspired by Georgie Moon’s Anti-Bucket List, I’ve come up with a different type of bucket list. One that most people can complete if they feel so inclined. Most of these won’t cost you much. Many are free for everyone to do as often as they can.

I’ve called it my “leaky-bucket” list because some of the results will spill over and benefit others.

The thing I like most about this list is that no one can claim to have ticked off everything. If you tell anyone you’ve done #46 then you haven’t done it.

  1. Watch the sunrise.
  2. Watch the sunset.
  3. Donate to charity.
  4. Volunteer in the community.
  5. Ask everyone to donate the price of your gifts (birthday or Christmas) to a charity of your or their choice.
  6. Dance in the rain.
  7. Walk in the wild.
  8. Love someone.
  9. Own a pet and be there when it dies.
  10. Climb a mountain- no need to go to extremes. Lots of mountains have walking tracks.
  11. Skinny dip.
  12. Conquer a fear.
  13. Climb a tree.
  14. Spend 24 hours without any contact with any other person.
  15. Swim in the ocean.
  16. Go snorkelling.
  17. Sleep under the stars.
  18. Jump in puddles.
  19. Make a mud pie.
  20. Befriend someone from a different culture or country.
  21. Spend a day in a place where no one speaks your language.
  22. Pick flowers.
  23. Bake a cake & lick the beaters.
  24. Spend an evening with friends.
  25. Have a picnic in the park.
  26. Go hiking or bush walking.
  27. Help out in soup kitchen.
  28. Go fishing.
  29. Sing karaoke.
  30. Sing karaoke … sober.
  31. Spend Happy Hour in a garden watching birds, bees and clouds.
  32. Walk barefoot on the grass. Be sure to wriggle your toes.
  33. Say “Hello” to a stranger.
  34. Smile at random people as you walk down the street.
  35. Eat something you’ve never tried before.
  36. Star gaze away from the city lights.
  37. Forgive someone.
  38. Call someone you haven’t talked to for a long time.
  39. Visit a museum or gallery.
  40. Find your soul mate.
  41. Become a parent.
  42. Keep chickens and enjoy their fresh eggs.
  43. Walk on a deserted beach.
  44. Laugh until you cry.
  45. Visit your local care home/nursing home.
  46. Perform a random act of kindness and never tell anyone.
  47. Instigate a random sing along with strangers.
  48. Meet your neighbours.
  49. Find a picture in the clouds.
  50. Learn a new skill – something you thought you could never do.
  51. Learn another language – at least a few basic words and phrases – enough to get by for a day.
  52. Read a book.
  53. Re-enact a scene from a favourite book or movie – anywhere. It doesn’t need to be in the original location or even anywhere similar.
  54. Grow your own fruit or vegetables and eat them.
  55. Give away your excess fruit or vegetables.
  56. Revisit a favourite place from your childhood.
  57. Go to sleep listening to rain on a tin roof.
  58. Try a food you thought you’d never eat.
  59. Make something you can use.
  60. Give away something you love.
  61. Listen to the forest.
  62. Spend time with a person who has a disability and experience life from their perspective.
  63. Host a traveller.
  64. Tell someone you appreciate them.
  65. Go out on a limb – literally or figuratively. Your choice.


If you could add something to this list, what would it be?

Do you have a different type of bucket list to share?


8 thoughts on “My Leaky-Bucket List

    • Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the list. And thanks for the inspiration.
      This is my travel blog. You probably usually see my in The 3rd Drawer Down where I post my photo challenges. So a different theme to the one you usually see.

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