Always take the weather – to the Chickamauga Battlefield

This is my favourite type of holiday.

Well, let’s be honest, any holiday is my favourite type.

This one was about living like a local, meeting the people, experiencing the history, just spending time in a different place.

There was a squirrel in the driveway to meet me when we arrived at Fort Oglethorpe but the rain didn’t let up for me to take a decent photo. Never mind. There’d be another chance in the next 2 weeks.

In the meantime I settled into my lovely room in this super-cute cottage in a quiet street and with – heaven – their own woodland behind it.

 Mary took me for a drive around Chattanooga and Missionary Ridge, telling me about some of the history of the area – civil war history, general history, personal history – because she and Lee have spent all their lives in this area.

What a great introduction to a new place.

I’d promised to try at least some of the southern food so I started with lunch at Cracker Barrel  – fried chicken with okra and fried apples.

At home, this chicken would have been called “Southern fried chicken”. I don’t suppose you have to add the “Southern” when you’re actually in the South.

The best think I can say about the okra is that it wasn’t awful. I ate some but left some and won’t be asking for it again.

The fried apples on the other hand were delicious and you can feed them to me any time.

In the afternoon we went to the Chickamauga Battlefield visitor centre which features a movie about local Civil War battles and a small museum.


The battlefield area itself covers about 5300 acres. It’s an impressive mix of natural woodland, open fields and many, many memorials.

The rain held off for long enough to let us walk around some of the memorials and climb Wilder Tower before it started again.




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