Always take the weather with you

Do people still have penpals? I do, even though we no longer write letters and instead have conversations in real time on Facebook. But we started as penpals so that’s what we’ll always be.

My sister still has a penpal too. They’ve been writing to each other since they were about 8 (in the early ‘70s) and they’re about to meet for the first time.

I met Mary and Lee in Las Vegas in 1996 but I’d never had the chance to visit them in their hometown in Georgia.

Gosh I was skinny back then.


A good price on airfares was all the incentive I needed. Stu decided he couldn’t go so I booked one seat and we started planning.

Mary and Lee wanted to meet me straight off the plane but I’d insisted on spending my first night in a hotel. I’m not a lot of fun with jet lag and you never know when a flight is going to be alarmingly late.

So the next morning, in pouring rain, that they picked me up in Atlanta and we headed north to Fort Oglethorpe and my home for the next 2 weeks. The rain, they assured me, was unusual for October and would soon clear.

They were wrong.


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