Sunday Driving

It’s been over 3 months since my last post, so thanks for hanging in there … if you still are.

In that time I’ve been to the US and am yet to write that trip up, but I’ll be getting to it soon.

In the meantime, here’s how we spent our morning driving in, if not quite our own backyard, at least our local area.


I’ve lived here for 26 years and today travelled some of these roads for the first time. Maybe this sounds bad but I’ve really had no reason to be there and it’s a long way to go just for the sake of saying you have.

We set off to do about a 200km loop. We only took one wrong turn so didn’t travel too much further than that.

I was surprised how green some of the country is and there are even some puddles after recent rain.

There was plenty of wildlife around but most of it escaped before I could photograph it.


Even though this is a mainly rural and sparsely populated area, I was surprised that we didn’t see even one other car or one other person from the time we turned off the highway til the time we rejoined it 30km from where we started.

Surprised, but not upset. My kind of drive.



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