Across the Ditch in 2012: Winding it up!

Thursday: Our last day! We drove down to Akaroa, having lunch on the way. Although it wasn’t too far, it seemed to take forever. At the outset, it was getting out of Christchurch. At the other end it was the hilly, winding roads. But of course we had the WOWs around every corner to compensate.



We loved this little half French, half English town and enjoyed walking around town. Being quite late in the season, and with the cruise ships finished, some places weren’t open which was a bit of a shame.

While we were in the little museum in the old Court House I heard the windows rattle and was a bit baffled by this as there was no wind. Only later when we were driving back to Christchurch did we hear that there’d been an aftershock at just that time. Well, thank goodness I didn’t realise that’s what it was. I might have had a little panic, even though we didn’t actually feel anything.

We were amused by the front page of the newspaper displayed in the museum, where the outbreak of World War II was relegated to the bottom of the page. Even the tide times were more important.


Back in Christchurch we dropped off our hire car and got them to drop us off at the “Antarctic Experience”. I’d like to say that this was a fantastic end to our holiday but sadly we found it overpriced and in need of a makeover. But we did have some fun in the simulated blizzard, though Stu chickened out of it part way through and fled to a sheltered area.

Back in the hotel we finished off the last of our food and drinks and cleaned our hiking boots before an early night so we’d be up in time for our early flight home on Friday 13th.

Since you’re now reading this it’s safe to assume we didn’t have any bad luck on our flight.

Our first trip to New Zealand has been fantastic. We saw less than we intended and more than we expected.

We’re just wondering why it took us so long to get here. It won’t take us too long to come back.


Thanks for travelling with us. We'd love to hear what you think.

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