Across the Ditch in 2012: Elusive Fish and One Angry Bird

Tuesday was another fairly relaxed day of mainly driving to Queenstown then on to Kinloch.

Queenstown is a pretty town in a superb location but busy, busy, busy! I’d hate to see it at the height of the season.

There’s no end of places to eat. We chose Winnie’s Gourmet Pizza Bar where we sat upstairs on the verandah and watched the passing parade while enjoying our pizzas – Moroccan Lamb and Zucha – followed by a walk round town before heading to Kinloch.

Last year’s snow was still in the mountains and it looked like we were driving straight into it. But no, though we can see it and feel its effect from the lodge which is the YHA.

It seems we’ve been slightly misled about the nature of the rooms. We’d been told that we’d be sharing a bathroom and kitchen with one other room but those rooms are taken so it’s just a normal hostel situation with shared facilities. No matter. More opportunity to meet other travellers.

Our room is a bit pokey, but we did opt for the king size bed. There’s also a single in the room which is where our suitcases will fit. It would be VERY cosy with 3 people.

What a gorgeous spot – yes, another one – right at the head of Lake Wakatipu. Stu has already had his line in the water. No luck, but it doesn’t really matter. We can see the fish rising, but they might be smarter than Stu.


We had only booked 2 nights but immediately liked it so much that we booked an extra night.

P1000490 P1000494 IMG_5040

Wednesday started early for Stu, who got up to fish (unsuccessfully again) and a little later for me – I only had to manage a load of washing. Oh the small things that become important!

We’d decided on a short walk today and chose the 1 hour each way walk to Lake Reid. Well, it took us a little longer than that. Stu fished (still no luck) while I stopped to take photos and read while I waited for him to catch up. It wasn’t too hard – quite flat but there were a few trip hazards.

The only other person we saw was a fisherman at the lake. He had caught what must be the world’s unluckiest trout.


When going through the photos for this post I found this one of what might be the world’s Angriest Bird.


We have booked our accommodation at Dunedin. We thought we might have trouble finding something over Easter so have taken 4 nights in the last available room in the YHA there. At least we won’t have to sleep in the car.


Thanks for travelling with us. We'd love to hear what you think.

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